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Work in Italy

Work in Italy
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Pilsēta / Reģions:Rīga
Datums:14 / 02 / 2020
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Sazināties: Sūtīt e-pastu
Tālr.: +393338311287
New opportunity for, pretty female hostess and dancers from the EU countries!

night club — cabaret club — Disco bar
Country: Italy
City : Montecatini Terme
We offer contract for : Pretty female hostess and dancers from the EU countries!

We offer you, a beautiful tourist place, where you can work and spend your holiday and have fun at the same time.

Club opening time: 21:30 p.m. — 03:30 / 04:30 a.m.
(6 days a week, 1day off.)

Accommodation: free

Salary : For each working day, €50 minimum guaranteed.
*Increase the salary: with "scala system"
**For payment of the show is separate.
For each show + €10 — €20 — €30 — €40 — €50 (depending on the show, choreography and costumes)

Arrival: The girls, must arrive in Italy in the city -- MONTECATINI TERME -- train station! This trip is pays the girls.We offer support regarding all the bookings.
Attention:*With a 6 months contract, we return money for 1 trip. With a 12 months contract we return money 2 trips.

Dress code: Elegant cocktail dress.

Individual requirements:
— Age: 19-28 years
— Height : 170-175 cm
— Slim, well-trained body
— Enjoyable and friendly personality
— Speaking: Italian and/or English language
— Sociable personality

Additional information:
The girls are working on base of an employment contract.
There is full social insurance (accident, health, retirement) for the time of working.

Club Info:
The club is in the thermal city.
In the club there are working around 20-25 dancers and hostess.
The artists have to perform dancing on the stage, before and after the show they must do the hostess.
Minimum contract time is 2 months.

For participation in the selection!!!!!
Please send your :
— FULL information with:
Name : Nationality: Age: Height: Weight : Speaking language: Instagram account: Facebook account: Experience in this job : Availability : +5/6 pictures, recent, full figure, natural, not retouched and without filters, video promo: show video:
Further information of the club you can get from us via email .
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